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 Tupani (Tympanos)

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Tupani (Tympanos) Empty
MesazhTitulli: Tupani (Tympanos)   Tupani (Tympanos) EmptyWed 13 Jan 2021, 18:52

This is ancient tympanos made & used by albanian pagans, there is swastika in the center which symbolizes the year round & the sun, and there are eight symbols for eight feasts of the year:
- up there, the first is symbol of Beltane (Shengjergji), which is maypole as looked from above
- the second right, symbol of the sun during solstice, 22 june
- labrys, symbol of zeus, in the middle of summer (6 august)
- tree, symbol of fruits and trees, symbol of Fall (21 septmber)
- symbol of Wolf, (shen mitri, Saint demeter), albanian version of Samhain
- swastika, symbol of sun, in the yule 22 decemeber
- pictogram of Logeta, (illyrian brigide), 5 februar
- the day of spring, 22 march, the symbol is a flower with eight petals
Albanians have an ancient calendar, similar to that of celts, and it was collected for the first time during the Enver Hoxha communist regime, by author scientist Rrok Zojzi, it is divided in 8 months (or let call them so) each of them by 45 days, each month begin and end with a great feast

Tupani (Tympanos) Tupan
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Tupani (Tympanos)
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